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  1. The Prayer of the Beloved Guiding
  2. The Daheshist Symbol
  3. A Prayer for our Brothers and Sisters in Lebanon
  4. Respecting the Daheshist Symbol
  5. Peace in The World
  6. My prayer
  7. Photocopy of Dahesh Symbol (before he burnt it as a prayer)
  8. Transcript of Spritual Letter to Dr. Dahesh
  9. How to Draw the Star
  10. What if....?
  11. May God have mercy on evil people.....
  12. God have mercy on evil people II....
  13. "I Will Sing"
  14. Versions of the Daheshist Symbol
  15. Prayer Incantation
  16. The ALLAH Song
  17. Prayer Beads
  18. Day of Happiness and Thankfulness
  19. How Jesus and Christ Are Different
  20. Dedication for April 9, 2008
  21. Reference guide for writing the Daheshist Prayer
  22. My Prayer
  23. Solemn Oath
  24. "The Message" remade
  25. For all the Fallen Heroes
  26. Prayer of the Beloved Guiding Prophet
  27. For Egypt...
  28. For the fallen in Bahrain, Iran, Libya, and Yemen...
  29. A prayer in honor of Gadhafi ... (sarcasm)
  30. For the Fallen in Syria...
  31. Of interest
  32. Prayer for unity.