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  1. Memoirs of a Dinar
  2. The Pyramids of Egypt.
  3. Did Dr. Dahesh say "I am a prophet" ?
  4. "Break an Onion!"
  5. "And the prize for the worst Description of Daheshism goes to..."
  6. Doctor Dahesh's correct BIRTH name IS...
  7. Regarding the Immaculate Conception of Christ...
  8. 9th Epistle of Dr. Brax to Darrick Evenson (deals with virgin-birth)
  9. Reply to Brax and the 9th Epistle
  10. Virgin or Non-Virgin birth. The Mother of all Debates!
  11. Hi to all
  12. Dangerous Claims
  13. Darrickgate Part 1: Ghazi Brax's Lost Epistle.
  14. The TOMB OF JESUS tv program and Dr. Dahesh
  15. What was Dahesh's Vision for his Museum?
  16. Does the body really lose 21 grams upon death?
  17. viritual sin vs real sin
  18. They Call him a Magician...
  19. "Dr. Dahesh didn't understand himself and didn't start a religion."
  20. Al Hawadeth Article
  21. Rumours about Dahesh's death
  22. Unamed Prophets 124,000 Strong
  23. Back to this "Virgin-Birth" issue!
  24. Dr. George King
  25. Creationism vs Pure Darwinian Theory
  26. Where did this come from
  27. Irenaeus:Jesus survived crucifixion...
  28. A Historical Account of the young "Saleem el-Ashi"
  29. Children of Adam and Eve
  30. "Secrets of Doctor Dahesh, the Inspired Writer"
  31. Letter to J J Dewey
  32. Letter to J J Dewey #2
  33. Letter to J J Dewey #3
  34. Lebanon and America...Crossroads of Christianity and Islam?